About Us

Chembakkasery Cinemas is one of the most innovative and customer-focused exhibitors in Kerala, and the fastest-growing cinema business in the popular areas across Kerala.We provide complete entertainment that will change the way you see blockbusters forever. Chembakkassery cinemas bring movies to life with high-resolution digital projection systems letting guests choose from immersive digital 3D content to 4K3D Dolby Atmos multidimensional surround sound system. Chembakkasery Cinemas continues to provide superior quality ambiance, technologically advanced systems, and best service standards to ensure customer delight and amazing cinema viewing experiences, as well as a wide selection of Food and beverage courts and best-in-class services at affordable prices. As a pioneer in the film exhibition industry, our company is driving the creation of an established environment that brings together key partners such as filmmakers, studios, content providers, equipment and concession manufacturers, and data and technology companies, all of whom rely on the strength of our company and the communities we serve.

Our mission is to advance and reimagine themovie-going experience by constantly reinventing ourselves to keep up with the times and the ever-changing entertainment landscape in order to make our brand aspirational and approachable. Chembakkasery cinemas are fully air-conditioned and have comfortable push-back-enabled seating. The theatre has plenty of parking for cars and motorcycles, and the food court serves fresh and high-quality food.We have also overhauled our food court facilities to provide faster service, and our courteous staff will ensure that you are satisfied at all times. A cinema hall that redefines the movie-going experience.

Chembakkasery online movie ticket booking system enables advanced and easy registration and payment at their convenience.We are proud of our strategically located cinemas, and we are constantly investing in introducing premium formats, comfortable seating, sound, projection, ambiance, and food & beverage to meet evolving consumer expectations, ensuring that our guests have a memorable experience each time they visit our cinemas.Chembakassery cinemas are known for their high-definition picture and sound quality, as well as their craftily inspired luxury space, which includes fully air-conditioned cinemas, comfortable pushback seating arrangements, subdued lighting, a lobby with a family room, and all standard features.

In chembakkasery cinemas, seating arrangements are impressive, with push-back seats and a fully air-conditioned theatre. We used online movie seat booking technology to bring you this service, which eliminated the need to stand in long and winding lines to get show tickets. You can pre-book your cinema tickets to watch your blockbuster releases.

We exhibit cinemas in multiple theaters across Kerala- Chembakassery Vettukattil Cinemas in Muvattupuzha, Chembakassery Rimi Cinemas in Melattur, Chembakkassery cinemas 4k 3D Dolby Atmos in Irinjalakuda, Okaz Chembakassery Cinemas in Mannarkkad, City Chembakassery Cinemas in Kodakara and Devi Chembakassery Cinemas in Cherpulassery are cinematic experience hubs creating lasting memories for every audience. And so you can choose your nearest destination however you want.

Our movie theaters are dedicated to creating exciting entertainment destinations that carry our guests from their everyday lives into the extraordinary world of movies. We strive to fulfill this vision for every single customer, and we customize our cinemas to meet our attendees' expectations every time they visit chembakkasery cinemas. Each cinema provides a diverse range of content and experiences. Chembakkasery Cinemas plans to keep going to revolutionize the industry in the coming years.